Android 13 - eero Setup stuck on looking for devices

We're aware of a bug affecting bluetooth performance on devices running Android 13 version TP1A.220624.014. Android devices running this version of Android 13 may get stuck while “looking for devices” during eero Setup.


We've released an eero app update for Android, version 6.26.1. Please update to this version from the Google Play store if you are running into this issue. You may be prompted to input the eero Serial Number manually, which can be found on the sticker on the bottom of the eero. 


If upgrading is not possible, please go to App Permissions and temporarily revoke the "nearby devices" permission for the eero app and retry setup of your eero devices. This will allow you to select Setup Using a Serial Number to complete the setup of your initial eero device.

Under your Android phone’s settings, search for or navigate to the Nearby Device - Permissions Manager page.





Find eero under the list of apps and select Don’t Allow.


Return to the eero app and begin the network setup process. When the app begins to look for devices, you may receive a pop-up notification requesting permission to search for nearby devices. If this happens, click Don’t Allow.



The setup experience will jump to a screen that allows you to enter a serial number manually. Select Setup Using a Serial Number.


Enter the serial number of the first eero being added.


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