How do I see all the eeros on my network?


To view the eeros on your network follow the steps below:

  • Open the eero app
  • Tap the Online tab in the upper middle portion of the home screen
  • All the eeros on your network will be displayed on this page



If you have six or fewer eeros on your network, all the eeros are accessible from the home screen in the app. Each eero will have the location you assigned it to so you can easily distinguish each one on your network.

If you have more than six eeros, or if you’d like to see all your eeros in a single list, tap the number of eeros button on your home screen. This can be found towards the middle of the home screen, between connected devices and your eeros.


From this list, all the eeros online are visible under the Online and healthy section. If any of your eeros are having an issue, a section titled Check eeros will appear at the top.

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