Is eero Plus available to me?

eero Plus is available to all eero customers with 1st and/or 2nd-generation hardware. There are a couple cases where eero Plus isn't supported:

  1. An eero network that is in bridge mode
    • If your eero network is bridged to another router or upstream device, eero Plus (and many other advanced features) are not available. If you'd like to use eero Plus, we recommend unbridging your eero network.
  2. Networks outside of the United States and Canada
    • At this time, eero Plus is only available to customers that are in the United States and Canada. eero has only been tested and certified in the U.S. and Canada, and the services of eero Plus also must abide by certain terms and conditions for a specific region for which the services are being used. As we expand the availability of eero into other regions, we will also provide more information on the availability of eero Plus for these regions as well.

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