What applications are included with eero Secure+

What applications are included with eero Secure+?

In addition to all the great advanced security features of eero Secure, Secure+ members also get a membership to the following applications:

1Password — Password management made easy.

With 1Password, eero Secure+ members can easily manage all the passwords they use for their various online accounts. By using a password manager, you can feel confident that your passwords are kept secure and available for when you need to access a site. And if you want to be really secure, 1Password offers the ability to generate a unique password, keeping your account even safer from any potential intruders. Includes access for up to 5 users.

How do I sign up for 1Password?

encrypt.me — VPN for when you're home and away.

Want a secure connection over a Virtual Private Network (VPN) without having to go through a bunch of hurdles? encrypt.me makes it easy for eero Secure+ members to install their VPN client to your phone, computer, and tablet and instantly create a secure connection. You can now use a VPN when on your home network, or even when you're at the coffee shop, airport, or anywhere else you may look to join a public WiFi network. This comes with VPN protection for up to 5 users.

How do I sign up for encrypt.me?

Malwarebytes — Protect your devices from viruses.

Keeping your devices safe and clean from viruses is essential to having peace-of-mind when being online. With Malwarebytes (for Mac, Windows, and Android), you can rest assured that viruses will be handled properly. And with the ability to protect up to 3 devices, you can have protection from online attacks when away from your home network.

How do I sign up for Malwarebytes?

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