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Using a VPN is a great way to protecting yourself while using the internet. This is especially the case when using wireless networks outside of your home, such as at airports, cafes, and hotels. With eero Plus all members get access to VPN for all their supported devices with an Family membership (up to 5 accounts).


  • An eero WiFi system
  • The eero application
  • An eero Plus Membership
  • A supported device for

Below are the steps for signing up and activating for eero Plus members. If you already have, please follow the second set of instructions.

How to sign up (new to

  • Open the eero app
  • Tap the Discover icon
  • Tap eero Plus
  • Tap on the icon
  • Tap on the Create free account



  • An email will be sent to the account holder's inbox from


    • You will receive two emails. Please use the one titled “Your account has been created!” to complete your setup.
  • Follow the steps provided by


How to sign up (already have

If you already have an account, ensure that you are using the same email for both your eero and accounts. From there, tap 'Create Free Account' and will automatically pro-rate your account. 

Have questions or need assistance with

For all questions or issues regarding, please contact the support team.

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