Guardian Setup and Configuration for iOS and Android

As part of your eero Plus subscription, you can access VPN protection, powered by Guardian, on your phone or tablet device if you are using the eero app with mobile version 6.32.0 or later (iOS) or 6.32.1 or later (Android).

The Guardian VPN app is not yet available for Android. In order to use Guardian VPN on an Android device, please install the eero mobile app (6.32.1 or later) and login via the network owner's email address in order to have access to the feature. Guardian VPN is currently only visible in the eero app for the network owner and not network admins.



If you haven't activated Guardian VPN yet, please do so inside of the eero mobile app by following the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the Discover tab
  2. Select eero Plus
  3. Select VPN, powered by Guardian
    • Note: Guardian VPN is currently only visible in the eero app for the network owner and not network admins
  4. Toggle on the VPN to enable VPN protection for the device. This requires acceptance of the Guardian terms of service and the operating system VPN permissions prompt

To ensure your eero Plus subscription applies when you use the Guardian app, eero pre-provisions a Guardian account for you, using your eero email address, when you enable the VPN for the first time in the eero app. After you've activated Guardian VPN using the eero mobile app, you'll receive an email in your inbox titled "Information about your new VPN" which contains a link to finish setting up your Guardian account.


After you've finalized setting up your Guardian account, please follow these steps to download and login to the Guardian app on your iOS device:

  1. Install the Guardian app on your iOS device from the App Store, if you haven't already
  2. Using Safari (required), login at
  3. From the My Account page, click the "Securely Sign In" button which will automatically log you into the Guardian app on your iOS device

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