How do I setup my Sonos Speakers on my eero Network?


Before you start:
Recommended Basic Setup:
How To set up a new Sonos System:
How to add a speaker to your Sonos System:
Recommended Advanced Setup:
Example Advanced Setups:

Before you start:

  • Place your speaker(s) in your desired location and connect to power, for all wireless setups please do not connect an ethernet cable to any of the Sonos devices..


Recommended Basic Setup:

For the simplest set up with optimal performance, eero and Sonos recommend connecting your Sonos speakers over Wi-Fi to your eero network. No speakers should be plugged into any eeros on your network via an ethernet cable. See below for examples.





How To set up a new Sonos System on eero Wi-Fi:

  1. Open the Sonos app for iOS or Android.
  2. Tap Set up a new system, then create or sign in to your Sonos account.
  3. On the Auto Discovery Screen tap continue next to Location and Bluetooth to give the Sonos app permission to use these so that your Sonos products can be automatically discovered.
  4. Tap Add on the popup showing your Sonos product. If you are setting up using the Sonos S1 Controller, tap Continue > Set up products.
  5. When your device is found, tap continue
  6. Touch your Sonos device to the speaker in the location indicated by the app.
    1. You will hear a chime when successfully paired. 
  7. The app will ask for your eero network’s Wi-Fi password, type it in and press connect.
  8. Select the name of the room your device will be in.
    1. If an update is available you will be prompted to install it after assigning the room.
    2. Once the update completes tap on done.
  9. To set up more speakers, power them on in the room you’d like them in.
  10. Stand next to the speaker you wish to add and open the Sonos App.
    1. The app will automatically detect the new device, tap on add.
    2. You will not need to re-enter your Wi-Fi password, the app will save it for you.
  11. Follow the steps in the app to set up your music services.

How to add a speaker to your Sonos System after it has been setup:

  1. Open the Sonos app for iOS or Android.
  2. From the Settings tab, tap System > Add Product.
  3. Follow the steps in the app to connect your new speaker to your Sonos system.

Recommended Advanced Setup:

For advanced Sonos systems with many (5 or more) Sonos speakers, connecting Sonos devices to your network with Ethernet may provide a better experience. When doing so we recommend that Sonos devices are connected via Ethernet or Wi-Fi , but not Sonosnet. Follow these suggestions for the best eero network and Sonos experience:

  • Any Sonos that is connected via Ethernet to an eero network should have its WiFi capabilities disabled.
  • All Sonos devices that are connected via Ethernet should have Wi-Fi disabled, what this does is effectively disable the SonosNet wireless network.
  • To disable Wi-Fi:
    • Open the Sonos app for iOS or Android.
    • From the Settings tab, tap System.
    • Under Products, tap the name of the room you’d like to modify.
    • On the following screen, tap your product’s model name under the Products heading.
    • Tap Disable Wi-Fi
  • If unable to hardwire your Speakers, other Sonos devices should be connected via Wi-Fi to your eero network, not via SonosNet.

Example Advanced Setups:




Having trouble connecting your new Sonos?  You can check out this article for troubleshooting tips. You may also  contact Sonos Support or contact us!

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