Understanding your current network status


Network Status

At the top of the Home tab, users are able to check the status of their network. Overall network health is categorized into one of three statuses: Healthy, Connecting, and Unhealthy. 


Everything on the network is online and looking good.



One or more eeros is in the process of connecting.



One or more eeros is offline.


When a network and all its eeros are “Offline,” it means the gateway eero connected to the modem is unable to get online. In this scenario, users should ensure their eero is correctly connected to the modem and/or powered on. They should also check whether there is an issue with the internet connectivity being delivered to the building.


You can find the current status of your eero network at the top of the eero app Home screen. Please see below for a breakdown of each status:

Everything looks good


Woo-hoo! Your network is up and running with no issues. All your eeros located at the bottom of your home screen should be outlined in green and streaming your favorite content from anywhere in your home is good-to-go.

You can ensure your network is up and running smoothly by looking at your eeros, which display a solid white LED status (as long as you haven’t turned it off via the app or Alexa).

Check a specific eero


If your network is online but you see a status to check any eeros, make sure the eeros are both powered on and in within range of other eeros. You can quickly identify which eeros are having an issue by finding them outlined in red in the app, as well as the eero having a red LED status.

If your eero was unplugged or without power, it should automatically rejoin your network after powering on and connecting to your existing network.

If the eero has power, but not connected to the network, it may not be within range of your other eeros. We recommend testing placement of the eero, being sure to avoid any obstructions and/or metal surfaces. Once the eero has rejoined the network, you can determine the connection strength to your network by tapping on the eero at the bottom of the app home screen.

Connecting to the Internet


When the status of your network is yellow and reads Connecting to the Internet, your eeros are coming back online potentially from a reboot, ISP (Internet Service Provider) outage, or any other situation where your network was just previously offline. You will notice your eero’s LED blinking white, turning to a solid white once it is back online.

Internet Outage


If we notice that your ISP is down, meaning your eeros are plugged into your modem and we are unable to detect an internet connection, your network status will read Internet Outage. In this case, it is recommended that you check the status from your ISP. You can find the contact information of various ISP’s here.

Internet Connection Issue


There may be an issue with your gateway eero being powered on or connected to your modem. Start by checking to ensure that your eero is both powered on and connected to your modem via Ethernet. If this doesn’t correct the issue, restart your modem and gateway eero. If you are still having issues, contact your ISP to see if there are network outages near you.

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