What is TrueMesh?

TrueMesh is the next generation of mesh technology, designed to work perfectly with eero hardware and significantly improve eero’s mesh routing algorithms. While eero mesh technology has always automatically switched between the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio bands to find the clearest channel, TrueMesh understands and navigates a network’s topology in real-time. This means eero will dynamically find the best route to pass data through a network and quickly switch paths to avoid any interference.

Key Benefits

Local Area Network (LAN) speed improvement — With TrueMesh, eero customers may see up to two times the LAN speed (speed between eeros) within their networks, with initial testing showing over 40 percent speed improvement on the average network.

Intelligent WiFi that adapts to the home — With dynamic rerouting, TrueMesh makes it possible for eero to intelligently use the fastest, most reliable path for customers’ WiFi, so their networks automatically adapt no matter the network demand or the complexity of
their home layout.

Add as many eeros as needed — TrueMesh makes eero systems even more
expandable, so customers can add as many eeros as needed to cover even the largest homes or the most complicated layouts.

TrueMesh is available in eero OS 2.0. You can install it to your network, today.

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