eero App Installation and Availability

The eero App is your go-to solution for viewing and configuring your Wi-Fi network. Whether it’s setup, changing your password, or updating your network, you can manage it all from the app. If you need more information about the app, from availability to installation instructions, you can find it below.


Downloading the App

The eero app is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Open up the App Store or Google Play link on your mobile phone or tablet and search for ‘eero’ to locate the app. See for more information.


App Availability

In addition to the OS requirement, your device must also support Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), so Bluetooth hardware versions earlier than 4.0 aren’t supported.

iOS requirements:

  • Device running iOS 15 or later

Android requirements:

  • Device running Android 9.0 or later (tablets included)

Beyond the above requirements, you'll need a data connection on your device to set up your eero network. If you are using a device that does not have a built-in mobile data connection, such as an iPad, you will need to ensure that the device has a Wi-Fi connection to complete initial setup. Once you're set up, you can manage your network over an Internet connection from anywhere in the world.


Can I manage my network from my Desktop? 

Your eero network can only be managed using the mobile App, and cannot be configured through a program or web browser using Windows, Linux, or Intel-based Mac machines.

Currently, users who have Apple Silicon-powered Mac computers are able to download and install the iPad version of the eero App. This app functions identically to the version found on tablets, and does not have any additional functionality.


What do I do if I have issues with the App?

If you are experiencing issues with the eero App during the setup process, such as the app failing to connect to the cloud, ensure that the device the app is installed on is currently connected to the internet. 

If you are using an existing Wi-Fi connection from your old router, try switching to your mobile data connection. 

If you are having problems while connected to your mobile data and your old Wi-Fi network is still available, try connecting there instead before trying again. You may also use a mobile hotspot connection if you don’t have access to another Wi-Fi network.

If you are having problems with the app after setting up your network, such as viewing your network or making further changes to settings, we recommend trying the following steps:

  • Force close the app and reopen it
  • Log out of the account and log back in
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app - check for updates in the app store to make sure user is on the latest build
  • Turn off bluetooth and turn it back on
  • Turn off the phone and turn it back on

If after following these steps you are still experiencing difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact eero Support! We are here to help if you have any questions or issues with the app or any other aspect of your network. For more information on how to get in touch with Support, check here.

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