Suggested switches and injectors compatible with eero POE+ Adapter

If you are a pro installer and are looking for a switch or injector to use with an eero POE+ adapter, please refer to this list below:

Manufacturer Model Type
Araknis AN-210-SW-R-16-POE Switch
LAN Power LP-2535 Injector
LAN Power LP-2590 Injector
Luxul AMS-1208P Switch
Pakedge 24P8 Switch
TRENDnet TPE-TG81G Switch
Ubiquiti ES-8 150W Switch
Ubiquiti UniFi US-8-15-OW Switch
Ubiquiti UniFi US-16-150W Switch
Araknis AN-ACC-INJ-30W-100 Injector
Araknis AN-ACC-INJ-POE-30W Injector
Intellinet 560566 Injector
Intellinet 561037 Injector
Intellinet 561242 Switch
Intellinet 561204 Switch
Intellinet 561174 Switch
Intellinet 561303 Switch
Intellinet 561402 Switch
Rosewill RNWA-PoE-1000 Injector
Trendnet TPE-115GI Injector

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