Mobile App Overview (iOS Users)

eero’s mobile app provides eero users with a simple and intuitive way to manage their eero network and all devices on it. With the app, users view the connectivity status of eeros and devices, add new eeros and devices, create and manage user profiles, provide guest access,view network performance statistics like speedtest results, discover new functionality like simple device setup, and much more.

The app is organized into four (4) distinct tabs, which users can navigate to at the bottom of each screen: Home, Activity, Discover, and Settings. The Home tab is the launch point when opening the app and from there, users can choose where’d they’d like to go and what they’d like to investigate or change.



The app offers two visual styles: regular and dark mode. Dark mode enhances visual ergonomics and providing comfort of use at night or in dark environments. Dark mode can be turned on in the mobile device’s iOS or Android system setting.




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