Mobile App Activity - Intro to the Activity Tab (iOS Users)

Intro to the Activity Tab

The Activity tab displays current and past speed test results as well as eero Plus security insights (assuming the user is enrolled in one of those security services).



Users can find out more information about their most recent speed test and run a new speed test by clicking on the Speed icon in the Activity Overview.





Note: if an eero network is offline, it won’t be possible to run a speed test. A user can still view their speed test history (see below), but the “Run Speed Test” button will be greyed out and unavailable until the network is back online.

To review speed test history, Users can click on Timeline where they can find their last 30 speedtest results. Speed tests measure the bandwidth of the internet connection from eero gateway to the outside internet.




For those users enrolled in eero Plus, they can find out more information about their security protection by clicking on the Scans, Threat Blocks, Ad Blocks, and Filters charts.






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