I'm Having Trouble Connecting a Device to my eero 6 or eero Pro 6 Network

Some devices with older drivers or software may be unable to connect to a network with an eero 6 or eero Pro 6. Common devices that will experience this include those with certain drivers see below:

Problem with Connecting to Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Capable Wireless Routers and Access Points with Intel® Wireless Adapters Supporting 802.11ac

Though your Wifi 6 network will be up and running, a device meeting this criteria will not be able to detect or join the network. If you experience this issue, we recommend that you update the driver on the device as soon as possible. 

To account for this issue eero has created a Legacy mode as a temporary solution to get your device online. Please see follow the instructions below to activate Legacy Mode using the eero app:

    • Open the eero app and tap Settings on the bottom right
    • Tap Troubleshooting
    • Tap My device won’t connect
    • Tap on My device can’t detect Wi-Fi 6
    • Toggle Legacy Mode on
    • Your device should now be able to detect and join your eero network

Note: You may experience slower than normal speeds while using Legacy Mode. As soon as your device has been updated, we highly recommend you switch Legacy Mode off in order to optimize your network speed and performance.

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