Linking your eero and your Amazon accounts

Amazon Account linking - What is shared? 

Linking your eero network to your Amazon account makes interacting with your network and smart devices even easier with features like Amazon Frustration-Free Setup and Alexa Smart Home Hub. These features require some data to be shared between eero and Amazon systems in order to function. 

Here is what may be shared between eero and Amazon to support these features enabled by account linking:

  • Network name and wifi password for fast device on-boarding
  • Current and recently connected device information, such as device nicknames and types, for easy Alexa voice control of supported devices
  • Configuration to maintain low-power smart home networks, such as Zigbee, so you can use Alexa to control supported devices the way you want

We value your trust and work hard to protect your privacy. As a reminder, eero does not track where you go on the internet, and we do not collect or use that information. Learn more about our commitment to your privacy >

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