Setting Up eero with PPPoE (UK)


Quite a few ISPs from the UK use PPPoE. While eero does not support this specific protocol, there is a way around that. 


The general method of setting up eero with PPPoE is to Double NAT your eero network. While this sounds complicated, it is not. Firstly, you need to set up your eero network as per usual - connect the Gateway unit to the modem that you have and follow the instructions from the eero app to set up the network.


After the setup is completed, you will have two active routing devices - your ISP modem/router device and your eero. Since we cannot fully disable the routing of the ISP device (due to it using an unsupported protocol when it comes to eero), we have to adjust the configuration for optimal performance. 


The next most important thing is to disable the wireless signal of the non-eero device, as it will interfere with the eero’s network. In most cases, this is fairly simple - you need to be connected to the ISP device and access its settings to disable the Wi-Fi. For more detailed information on each specific ISP, check this article


If you, however, need to keep your ISP Wi-Fi, be sure to name your eero network differently so that your devices do not get confused between the two networks. 


Additionally, make sure that your Gateway eero is directly connected to the ISP box, with no switches and/or other routers in-between. 


The same principle applies to ISP equipment that use MER (MAC Encapsulation Routing) (IPoE) to authenticate the hardware as well as CHAP credentials. 


Our team is well prepared to assist you with anything needed, so feel free to reach out to us, we are at your service. 

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