eero Software Security Updates

Your eero devices receive guaranteed software security updates for at least five years after they are last available for purchase on and


The security of your device is a top priority. Your eero receives guaranteed software security updates until at least five years after the device is last available for purchase on our websites. After that time, we strive to provide software security updates for as long as we can (subject to technical and other limitations). 

When software security updates end, your eero device will still work and can provide wifi. 

The table below shows software security update periods for eero devices that are currently available for purchase on and


Software Security Updates at Least Through

eero (1st Generation)


eero Pro


eero Beacon


eero (2nd Generation)


eero 6 


eero 6 Extender


eero Pro 6


eero 6+ 


eero Pro 6E


eero PoE 6


eero PoE Gateway


eero Max 7


Please note this is not a guarantee as to how long your eero device will last. More information about your eero device and its applicable warranty can be found here.



What does “last available for purchase” mean?

Availability for purchase refers to when the device is being sold by Amazon (excluding third-party sellers) as a new unit on or (or international equivalents of those sites).


What can I do with my eero devices that no longer receive software updates?

eero devices are built to last, but there may come a time when you want to trade in or recycle your device. Select eero devices may be eligible for the Amazon Router Trade-In program, and you can go to Manage Your Content and Devices to view available recycling options for certain devices.

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