Partner Account Linking

Partner Account Linking

Partner Account Linking is a way to connect your eero network to other apps and services to share specific information about your account and network for each integration. Partner Account Linking uses OAuth 2.0 to create a single sign-on experience with partners.

Who are the existing partners?

We have two partner integrations at this time, Amazon Alexa and Thread Networking. To learn more about Thread, see this article. 

Thread partners at this time:

What information can Thread partners see about my account and network?

Thread device partners will detect a Thread-capable eero network over the local network. In their setup experience, they can prompt you to link your eero account using eero or Amazon login. Once linked, the partner is able to access:

  • Whether Thread is on/off
  • Able to turn Thread on 
  • Thread network information including the network name, unique identifier, and network passkey

Thread partners cannot see any additional information such as connected devices, wifi passwords, or other network and user information. 

How can I unlink a partner?

We do not expose a way to unlink at this time. However, account links to Thread partners expire within two hours and do not renew. If a partner requires the above information again (e.g. if it changes), they will prompt you to login to your eero account. 


Do I need to link Amazon Alexa if I use Amazon Login or have linked my Amazon account from the eero app?

No. Logging into eero using your Amazon account or linking to Amazon in the eero app replace needing to link to eero from Alexa. For customers using eero login, you may link the Alexa skill using Partner Account Linking from the eero Alexa Skill here

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