What is the 160 MHz channel and what is the benefit of it?

When the new Wi-Fi 6 standard was approved in 2019, the use of the 160 MHz channel bandwidth for wifi was one of the key features added. The data rate of a wireless signal is heavily influenced by the channel bandwidth used, generally the larger the channel bandwidth used between the client and the router, the faster the connection (i.e., internet service plan) that can be supported by the router. When eero first introduced its eero 6 and eero Pro 6 devices in September of 2020, the wifi radio technology generally available at the time did not support 160 MHz channels. With the technology improvements made since 2020, eero now offers support for the 160 MHz channel bandwidth on both the eero 6+, eero PoE 6 and the eero Pro 6E.

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