Telstra 5G Home Broadband Setup

Some ISPs require your eero network to be in bridge mode so that the ISP-provided router can handle the DHCP. However, when putting your eero network into bridge mode you’ll lose some of the features of your eero network. 


To keep your eeros as your main router on Telstra 5G Broadband connection, please try the following walkthrough: 

  • Log in to the Telstra modem -
  • Go to Network on the left
  • Click LAN on the top menu
  • Deselect the DHCP Server option > Save Settings.


Once the change has been saved and you have power cycled the modem

  • Open the eero app and select “settings.”
  • Next, select “Network Settings > ISP Settings > Static IP.”
  • This is the IP for your gateway eero,, so choose an available IP address in the appropriate subnet.
    • Subnet - Router IP -
  • Save your settings.


If you’re setting up your eeros for the first time, the process will be a bit different:

  • After creating your eero account, the app will search for eeros.
  • The setup will likely fail with the error “Your eero can’t reach the internet.”
  • Tap “Need to configure ISP settings”
  • Select “Static IP” and choose an available IP address within the subnet.
  • Try the setup process again.


After making these changes, eero will act as your router and all network features will be available. 

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