How many eero and eero Beacons can I add to my network?

eero is the world’s most flexible WiFi system. You can add as many eeros or eero Beacons to your home as you’d like!

When figuring out the optimal number of eeros for your home, take your home’s layout into consideration. This includes length, number of rooms, and any potential interference-inducing obstacles like brick walls, large appliance or metal doors.  

Your gateway eero, the one connected to your modem, should ideally be centrally located in your home. It’s okay if that’s not possible in your particular setup, but we recommend doing so when you can. 

For the best experience eero Beacons should be no more than 50 feet apart of at least another eero. You can always start there and test out various ways of placing your eeros to maximize your coverage. Since every home is different, so you can always add an additional eero or eero Beacon where needed.

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