Where should I place my eero Beacon?

Getting started with your eero WiFi system? Looking to add an eero Beacon to your existing network? No matter your use case, here are some tips on where to place your eero Beacon!

eero Beacon is designed to be plugged directly into your outlet. The plug is located on the back of the device at the bottom. Also at the bottom of each eero Beacon is a built-in nightlight. For both these reasons, it is recommended that you place your eero Beacon in a vertical outlet. Whether or not you place it in the top or bottom outlet is totally up to you, but doing the latter will block your lower outlet.


I don’t have any vertical outlets…

If you don’t have any vertical outlets, we recommend purchasing an adapter for your outlet that will allow you to use your outlet vertically (you can find one on Amazon). Your other option is to use your eero Beacon horizontally. However, this may reduce the usefulness of the built-in nightlight.

Can I plug my eero Beacon into a power strip/surge protector?

While it isn't recommended for best performance, you can plug your eero Beacon into any available outlet. Powerstrips tend to be poorly made, low to the ground, and hidden. Your eero Beacons will perform best when plugged vertically into an outlet, however, they will work when plugged into a power strip or surge protector.

Can I place my eero Beacon outside?

eero Beacon wasn’t designed to be placed outside or in extreme conditions like sizzling sunny days or blistering winter nights. Exposing your eero Beacon to these conditions will void your warranty.  

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