Can I turn off the eero Beacon nightlight?

The eero Beacon nightlight can be turned on or off. You can change the nightlight settings on your eero Beacon from inside the eero App, or by manually adjusting it via a button on the Beacon itself.

  • Open the eero App
  • Tap on the Home tab
  • Tap on the Online bubble at the top to reveal the active eeros on the network. (Note that if your eeros are offline or partially offline, this bubble may change)
  • Tap on the beacon you’d like to change settings on
  • Tap on Nightlight to open the Nightlight settings menu
  • You can choose one of three settings:
    • Off: This keeps the nightlight off at all times
    • Ambient: The nightlight will adjust to the darkness of the room
    • Schedule: the schedule setting will keep the nightlight on during a set period of time
  • You can select “Preview” to test a given setting. Otherwise, tap on the back button, which will save your selected setting preference

From the eero Beacon, you can also turn the light on and off from the button on the outside.

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