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If you are interested in partnering with eero, please see the information below:


What is eero for Business?

eero for Business is a WiFi experience that builds on eero’s incredible residential offerings. eero for Business combines world-class mesh Wifi hardware with intuitive business software. This service is aimed towards small to medium sized businesses to provide them with easy to use, set and forget, WiFi Systems that work seamlessly end to end. 

What is eero for Service Providers?

eero for Service Providers is a turnkey solution offering you real-time insights, advanced security, and mesh WiFi systems to ensure reliable connectivity throughout every room of your customer’s home.

What is eero for Communities?

eero for Communities is our upcoming offering for Residential Rental Properties, also known as MDUs. eero for Communities allows for property managers to simplify and streamline their WiFi offerings for their properties.

What is eero for Installers?

The eero for Pro Installers software package makes it easier to set up devices, manage networks, get insights, maintain client relationships, minimize billing, and connect with customer service.


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