What speed is eero capable of? What about its bandwidth?

The 1st generation, eero and eero Pros’ max rated transmit speeds are about 240Mbps at 2.4 GHz and about 600Mbps at 5 GHz. Over a wired connection, the max throughput locally is 1Gbps. Maximum wireless speeds are also dependent on the capabilities of the client device.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are the maximum speeds we’ve seen with eero, but we like to think of WiFi speed more in terms of what you can do with it. eero uses the latest standards to make sure you’re getting the speed you pay for in every corner of every room. It’s that perfect combination of speed and coverage that’s going to let you work, stream, play, or download anywhere in your home.

Here are the speeds required for some of our favorite activities:

Activity Speed (Mbps)
Spotify 0.7
YouTube 1
Netflix 1.5
FaceTime 3
Online gaming 3.5
Google Hangout 4
HD Streaming 5
ULTRA HD (4K) 25


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