How do I set up my eeros if I don’t have cell data service?

If you don’t have cell data service where you live, please take the following extra steps when setting up your eeros:

  1. Rather than plugging your gateway eero into your modem, plug it into your existing router during setup (This is called 'double NATing' your network. Please see our tips on how to do that here). This way, you can use your current WiFi network to complete the setup and switch over to your eero network once setup is complete.
  2. If you have a standalone modem and router, you can remove the router once your eero network is up and running. Simply unplug the eero from your router, power cycle your modem, and then plug your eero directly into the modem. When power cycling your modem, please be sure to wait until your modem is fully powered back on before plugging your eero into it. Depending on the modem, this may take up to 3–5 minutes. After you plug your eero into your modem, you’ll no longer need your old router.
  3. If you have a modem/router combo device, you can put that device in bridge mode for optimal network performance.

As always, if you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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