What type of data does eero collect and why?

Our Privacy Policy details what information we collect when you use our website.

Our eeros and eero app collect data to help us operate, maintain, and improve your entire eero WiFi system. We may share anonymized data (crash reports, aggregate metrics) as we improve the product, but we don't ever track the websites you visit or collect the content of your network traffic. We don’t sell our customer data, and we don’t sell ads based on this data.

We collect data about your eero network to help us optimize your Wi-Fi performance. This includes your network status, the devices that are connected to your eeros, their assigned IP addresses, signal strength, and data usage. Your network settings are stored securely in the cloud so you access them from anywhere, whether or not your eeros are online. Collecting information about your wireless environment like other routers in the area, their signal strength, WiFi channel usage, and 802.11 standards supported, help us continue to improve your WiFi experience.

We collect eero stats like usage data, crash reports and performance information, and use these to drive improvements in the product.  Our crash report data tells us about the types of crashes you’ve experienced, the software version you’re running, and stack traces. The performance information from your eeros include the time it takes to boot up, CPU utilization, and memory utilization.

We also gather some data about your app usage to help us improve the eero app experience. We look at how often you use each feature and how often you view each screen.

Taken together, the data we gather from your eeros and your eero app helps us give you real-time information about your network and enables the proper functioning of your eero system. We realize that you trust us with your information and we’re committed to keeping your data private and safe, as we deliver the ultimate WiFi experience.

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