What types of personal information does eero use and why?

Customer trust is our number one priority. At eero, our focus has always been to use personal information responsibly, such as to make our products better and provide customers with support. Because customer trust is our number one priority, eero software does not track your internet browsing activity – whether that is eero software on eero devices or eero Built-in devices.

We are also not in the business of selling our customers’ personal information – we use limited personal information and network information to provide our services. For example, we use information from eero devices and the eero app to help us operate, maintain, and improve your entire eero wifi system: 

We use information about your eero network to help us optimize your wifi performance and provide you with functionality in the eero mobile app. This includes your internet connection speed, network status, the devices that are connected to your eero devices, device IP addresses, signal strength, and data usage. Your network settings are stored securely in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere, whether or not your eero devices are online. Using information about your wireless environment to identify interference and wifi channel utilization helps us continue to improve your wifi experience.

We use eero device and mobile app stats like usage information, crash reports and performance information to drive performance and security improvements in our products. Crash report information tells us about the types of crashes you’ve experienced, the software version you’re running, and other debugging information. Performance information from your eero devices includes boot time, CPU utilization, and memory utilization. We also analyze which eero mobile app features are used, and how often they are used, to ensure we’re prioritizing the right user experiences.

We use personal information to provide you with customer support. This includes contact information you provide during account creation and identifiers eero generates for your account and your network. This information, along with the network information outlined above, helps customer service agents quickly locate your network in our records during troubleshooting and identify where in your network you’re experiencing an issue and why.


Taken together, the information we use from your eero devices and the eero mobile app helps us give you real-time information about your network, enables the proper functioning of your eero system, allows us to continually improve our devices and services, and helps customer service agents provide optimal support. We realize that you trust us with your information, and we’re committed to keeping your information private and safe, as we deliver the ultimate wifi experience.

For full details about what personal information eero uses and why, we encourage you to review eero’s Privacy Notice here

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