My Sonos system isn’t working properly. How do I fix this?

Sonos works great for most of our customers, but we have heard reports of Sonos issues from a handful of people.

In our own internal tests, we’ve observed that Sonos systems can be affected by any changes to your Internet network. So if you make a big update to your Sonos settings or replace your existing wireless router, you may need to take a few additional steps to ensure Sonos works properly.

If you’ve experienced Sonos issues like skips in your music or speakers no longer appearing in your Sonos app or since installing eero, then you may need to re-associate your speakers with your new wireless network.

To resolve these issues, please follow the instructions below from Sonos:

How to Connect Sonos to Your New Router

If these steps don’t help, please see some of the tips that we have found helpful below.

  • If you're using your Sonos in wired mode to use SonosNet (dedicated Sonos mesh network), we recommend having only 1 Sonos device connected over ethernet.
    • DO NOT plug any Sonos players into eero units that are not the gateway as this could slow down the communication between your Sonos devices.
  • For larger systems, having a dedicated Ethernet switch exclusively for all Sonos devices is ideal. You may also want to disable WiFi on units that are on a rack (for example 10x Sonos Amps on an equipment rack), but make sure at least one hardwired unit (either on the rack or elsewhere) has WiFi on so additional units are able to connect via SonosNet.
  • If Sonos devices are plugged into a managed switch, ensure that Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) is disabled on that switch.
  • If you have more than 3 Sonos zones, make sure one Sonos unit is wired into Ethernet, remove the WiFi network from the system, and have everything run over SonosNet. Make sure SonosNet is set to channel 11 (if possible).
  • Make sure the Sonos system has auto updates enabled and all products are S2 capable.

*Please note if you are not having any problems with Sonos on your eero network and you have one of the configurations or settings listed above please keep your system in its current state. These suggestions are only for users having problems.

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