How to use Eco Efficiency Mode

What is Eco Efficiency Mode?

Eco Efficiency Mode is a power saving feature available on eero Max 7 and eero PoE Gateway. The feature will help save power by intelligently matching the WAN port speed to the ISP limit, which in turn, should improve energy efficiency for your eero devices. 

Which eero devices will this be available for?

Eco Efficiency Mode is available with eeroOS 7.1.0 and higher for any eero that has 10 GbE ports. 

Current supported models:

  • eero Max 7 
  • eero PoE Gateway

How do I enable/disable Eco Efficiency Mode?

To enable or disable Eco Efficiency Mode, follow these steps:

  1. Open the eero app.
  2. Tap on ‘Settings’.
  3. Tap on ‘Network Settings’.
  4. Tap on ‘Eco Efficiency’
  5. Tap on the slider to enable or disable.

What happens once Eco Efficiency Mode is enabled?

When eero's Eco Efficiency Mode is enabled, your gateway device will reduce its power consumption depending on network conditions and the actual speeds provided by your internet service plan. eero regularly runs speed tests to measure the available internet speed and optimizes the Ethernet data rate to match. 

If you have recently updated your internet service plan, Eco Efficiency Mode may impact the network speed until the new plan is measured or the eero device or connection is reset.

Will Eco Efficiency Mode slow down my internet speed?

Eco Efficiency Mode is not designed to slow down your internet speed; instead, we are right sizing the port speed to match your actual internet speeds provided by your internet service plan. eero devices measure this speed with a built-in speed test. Eco Efficiency Mode relies on those measurements to conserve power accordingly without slowing down your internet.

Do I have to pay for the feature?

Eco Efficiency Mode is a free feature for our customers!

Does this also affect LAN ports?

Not at this time, this only applies to the WAN port.

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