What are the benefits of updating my eeros immediately vs waiting overnight?

When you set up your eero network for the first time, it will be running the eeroOS version it received at our factory. We are constantly updating the OS for performance and security improvements, so there may be an update available to you right after setup.

To have your eero system updated to the most recent eeroOS, you can either update your system (which you’ll be prompted to do after initial install) or you can wait for an automatic overnight update. The preferred method is to update immediately so that your network is completely up-to-date. Updating will take roughly 15-20 minutes and will require a reboot of your network. The reboot will take roughly 90 seconds at the end of the update. During that time, your network will be down but will return to normal use once complete.

If you decide to wait, and allow your eero system to automatically update overnight, you will still be able to access your network and use the internet. However, some features that require a newer version of eeroOS may not be available until your network is updated.


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