Suggested networking equipment for eero POE Products

If you are a Pro Installer and are looking for compatible switches, injectors, PSEs, or other devices to use with eero PoE Products, please refer to the lists below. 

eero PoE 6:





1930 Switch
Aruba 6300M Switch
Cisco  SG350-28MP Switch
Juniper  EX3400 POE+ Switch
Texas Instruments TPS23881-EVM-008 (2 Pair & 4 Pair Power) PSE EVM
Analog Devices LTC 4291 PSE EVM
Microchip  PD-9001 Midspan
Phihong USA POE90U-1BT Midspan
Avaya ERS3549GTS-PWR+ Switch


eero POE Gateway: 

Cisco CBW150AX Access Point
Aruba 503H

Access Point

HPE AP-303P Access Point
Polycom Stardust IP Phone
Silicone Labs Si3402B Non-Isolated Buck PoE PD  Evaluation Module
Cisco 8865NR IP Phone
RUCKUS CL4-2E4 Cascade Unit

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