How do I disable the WiFi on my existing router?

For many users, eero will be the sole router in the home, and the only source of WiFi signal. For many other users, however, eero is used in conjunction with an existing ISP router, usually in the form of a modem-router combination device or “all-in-one” box. If your home fits this description, this article is for you!


Why should I disable WiFi on my ISP equipment?

To be clear, having your eero connected to an ISP modem-router is perfectly fine, and won’t cause any performance or functionality issues; however, having a second WiFi network in the home can be a source of numerous WiFi-related issues. To prevent these issues, disabling WiFI on your non-eero router is highly recommended.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have TV + Internet service in your home, you may need to leave WiFi enabled on your modem-router. Please consult with your service provider before attempting these steps if you use TV receiver or set-top boxes, to prevent possible interruption of the other services in your home.


What issues can occur?

Among the potential issues that arise when multiple networks are in the same home, these are the most common:

  • Wireless signal interference from having two distinct networks in the immediate vicinity
  • Device confusion, resulting in stability issues as devices switch from one network to the other
  • Weak signal or coverage due to devices attempting to connect to the modem-router WiFi rather than the eero WiFi
  • Inability to connect or communicate with local devices such as printers, audio streaming devices (e.g. Sonos), and video streaming devices (e.g. Chromecast)


How to disable?

Since the existing WiFi broadcast in your home comes from your ISP equipment, you won’t be able to edit or adjust it directly from the eero app. In most cases, this setting will need to be changed by wiring a device such as a laptop or PC directly into the modem-router; in certain cases, you may be able to edit these settings from an online portal provided by your ISP. If you aren’t sure which method applies to your router, contacting your service provider directly is always the best method for getting assistance with this change.


Manual Adjustment Method

When disabling the WiFi on your modem-router manually, please use the following steps as a general overview.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Since all service providers and routers are different, these steps are not intended to be an exact or exhaustive resource – if you have difficulty making this adjustment, please contact your service provider directly.

  • First, connect a device directly to your modem-rtouer via a standard Ethernet cable in one of the LAN Ethernet ports in back – most ISP-provided routers have 4 such ports.
  • Next, open a web browser on your wired device, and type the router’s gateway IP address into the address bar
    • Common examples of gateway IPs are and, but every router is different – your router should have a sticker on the bottom or underside that will list the specific gateway IP address for your model.
  • Once you’ve reached the router’s configuration page, you may be asked to log in with the admin credentials – these are usually printed on your router’s box or on the router’s info sticker on the underside.
  • After logging in fully, look for the wireless settings page. There can be a lot of variability in how router settings are arranged, but some common keywords to look for are “Network Settings,” “WiFi Settings” or “Wireless”
  • On the wireless settings page, all that’s left is to disable the WiFi! This can also have a variety of names, but the most common option will be a toggle or a checkbox to enable or disable WiFi. You may also see this named “Broadcast,” “Radio,” or “SSID” – regardless of what it’s called, the main thing is to disable this setting. That’s all there is!


Web Portal Method

If your ISP offers a web portal to adjust your router settings, you’ll follow the same steps as above, with one major difference: instead of connecting a device to the router directly, all you’ll need to do is navigate to your ISP’s web page, login using your subscriber account information, and reach the router settings page. Once you’re on that page, please follow the same steps and tips mentioned above to find and disable the WiFi broadcast of your modem-router.



If you’ve managed to successfully disable your modem-router’s WiFi, then the only personal WiFi name you should see will be the eero WiFi name. Make sure all your devices are connected to the eero’s WiFi for the best possible speed, coverage and stability in your home, and enjoy!

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