Does eero support devices that use MAC Address Randomization?

Yes. Whether your devices use randomized addresses or not, your eero system will still provide the same seamless, whole-home WiFi connectivity that it always has. Randomized MAC addresses are becoming more popular in new devices, as an improvement to protecting user privacy.

What problem will I have on my eero network if I enable MAC Address Randomization?

eero networks also use the MAC address as a unique identifier to provide connectivity. For devices that change the MAC address between connections, there are a few things to keep in mind. For instance, a device that randomizes its address might not be identifiable and will show up with an “Unknown” type in the mobile app. eero features also depend on devices to connect with a consistent MAC address:

  • DHCP reservations and port forwarding rules
  • New device notifications
  • Device nicknames and identification
  • Pausing and blocking devices
  • Profile assignment

Can I disable MAC Address Randomization on my devices?

MAC address randomization is an effective way to maintain privacy in public settings, where you don’t know who is looking at your connectivity and location history. But, your eero network is managed by you. You don’t necessarily need this protection for devices in your home. On certain devices, you can disable MAC address randomization when joining your eero network. This option is available for:  iPadOS 14 (beta), iOS 14 (beta), and WatchOS 7 (beta), Windows 10, and Android 10.

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