Understanding Your Network Data Usage

eero Plus allows users to monitor their network data usage through the Activity Center with graphs and reports showing the amount of data uploaded and downloaded by each device over time and track data usage across all devices for each profile. Live data usage is updated every five seconds to help users identify when a device is using more bandwidth than expected

Within the Activity Center, you can keep track of your network’s data usage to see how much data (or bandwidth) each device or profile consumes over time. The data is updated regularly, providing you the most accurate insights into the usage of your network.  



Data Usage Categories: Uploaded vs Downloaded

Your data usage graphs and reports will show you the total amount of data consumed on your network as the sum of uploaded and downloaded data over time. Uploaded and downloaded data used will differ between each device depending on what it’s used for. So, what’s the difference between Uploaded and Downloaded? 

Upload is the amount of data used to do something like sending an email, posting photos or articles to your social media account or sharing music with friends. You can think about uploaded data as the amount of bandwidth used to share something from your device. 

Download refers to the data used for something like receiving an email, streaming videos and music or opening a web page. Think of downloaded data as the bandwidth it takes to receive something to your device. 


Usage by Device

Devices on your network may be using more data (or bandwidth) than you think. With eero Plus, you can see how much data each connected device on your network uses over the course of a single day, week or month - current and previous. Visibility into your data usage over time makes it easy for you to identify trends and anomalies.

With live data usage, available to all eero customers, you can see exactly how much data each of your devices is currently using. This makes it easy for you to identify when a device might be using more bandwidth than you expect. Live data usage refreshes every 5 seconds to give you the most up-to-date view into what's happening.


Usage by Profile

If you have created profiles on your network, grouping devices for each member of your family or household,  you can track data usage across all devices for each profile. This makes it easy to spot patterns and help form healthy digital habits - perhaps reducing screen time when appropriate to connect as a family.


When viewing data usage by profile, any device connected to your network during the select timeframe that has not been added to a profile will be listed under "Other Devices."


Feature Availability

  All Users eero Plus Users
Weekly Data Usage
Live Data Usage
Daily Data Usage  
Monthly Data Usage  

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