How do I block unwanted devices on my network?

If you notice a device that shouldn’t be on your network, you can restrict it from accessing the internet by blocking it from the connected device list.

To get started, open the eero app and tap on connected devices. There will be two lists; one for devices currently on your network and another for recently connected devices.

If any of the devices are unfamiliar or shouldn’t have access to your home network, you can block it by simply tapping on the device and tapping Block from network at the bottom of the screen:


After confirming the block, you will see a blue success notification at the top of the screen:


If you’d like to unblock a device, go to the connected device list, scroll to the bottom, and tap on Blocked devices. Tap on the device you’d like to unblock and tap Unblock at the bottom:


You will see another success notification at the top of the screen. Once a device has been unblocked, it will be able to join your network and access the internet.

Note: Device blocking is not available in bridge mode.

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