What is eero Plus?

eero Plus is a subscription service that provides an extra level of security to your network. We hope that when you use eero Plus, you’re able to have greater peace of mind for the devices and individuals on your network. 

While using eero Plus adds security enhancements to your network, not using it won’t make your network unsecured. eero was designed with security in mind, so we will always provide features and updates to keep your network safe.

In addition to all of eeros standard features, an eero Plus subscription gives you access to the following features:

Advanced Network Security

Let eero protect the devices on your network from potential viruses, malware, phishing attacks, and more. Before anything malicious can happen to you or others, eero Plus will catch these attacks so that your devices stay protected.

Safe Search and Content Filtering

In addition to ensuring your network stays protected and secure from outside threats, it is also important to keep the people on your network safe from unsuitable content on the internet. eero Plus helps to eliminate any worry here.

From within Family Profiles, eero Plus customers will have the option to turn on Safe Search, as well as three Content Filtering options. These services can be turned on for each individual profile you have and will apply the selected filters to all the devices under their profile. 

Safe Search

When Safe Search is turned on, the devices associated with that profile will filter out any potentially inappropriate search results for websites, images, or YouTube.

Content Filtering

Within Content Filtering, network admins will have 3 filtering options to choose from for each device connected to a Family Profile. These options include:

  • Sexually Explicit: eero will filter out any online content that includes adult material, adult themes, nudity, pornography, and anything else that is deemed sexually explicit.
  • Illegal or Criminal: eero will filter out any online content that is themed around hacking, drugs, copyright infringement, or the like.
  • Violence: eero will filter out any content that is related to guns, fighting, other similar content.

VIP Support

When you sign up for eero Plus, you will also have priority access to our best-in-class support team. This means when you have an issue and need a hand, you’ll have limited or no wait time to speak with a member of our team so you can quickly get back to your day.

If you are interested in adding an eero plus subscription to your account, you can either do a monthly plan at $9.99 per month or a year-long subscription at a two-month discount of $99.

Much like eero, eero Plus will evolve and expand its feature set and capabilities over time.

If you have any other questions we can answer, we’re here to help! Feel free to give us a call at 1-877-659-2347 or email us at support@eero.com.

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