How much does eero Plus cost?

eero Plus is a subscription service that provides advanced security features and expanded parental controls. Much like eero, eero Plus will evolve and expand its feature set and capabilities over time.

If you are interested in adding an eero Plus subscription to your account, you can opt for a monthly plan or a year-long subscription at a two-month discount. Subscription fees are as follows :

  • US - *$9.99 monthly / $99.99 yearly 
  • Canada - $12.99 monthly / $129.99 yearly
  • Australia -  A$15.99 monthly / A$159.99 yearly 
  • UK - *£9.99 monthly / £99.99 yearly
  • EU - €10.99 monthly / €109.99 yearly
  • Mexico - $229.99 monthly / $2,299.99

*Please note that you can not sign up for a monthly plan in app at this time, monthly sign ups should be done by visiting 

For more on eero Secure, please visit this site

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