Can I give someone my extra eeros?

Sure! We believe that sharing is caring, so if you have any extra eeros that you no longer need (i.e. only needed two, purchased a newer eero unit), you can absolutely give them to friends or family so they can get started on their network.

If you do decide to transfer your eeros to another individual, please keep the following in mind:

  • An eero network has to start with a eero Pro 6, eero Pro, eero 6, or eero,. An eero Beacon and eero 6 Extender can't be used to start an eero network.
  • Make sure you have removed the eero from your network. You can do this through the app or by hard resetting it.
  • Giving someone else your eero voids the warranty for them. If they have any issues with their eero, our support team will need to get in touch with the original purchaser.

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