Is my network still secure without eero Plus?

We will always make sure your eero network remains safe and secure, but with eero Plus, you can add an extra layer of security that ensures your devices and everyone under your roof remains safe online.

eero Plus is not required for an eero network to continue to receive our security updates. Without eero Plus, eeros are designed to be safe and secure. A key differentiator with eero is the fact that we have put a significant amount of time and focus on your network’s safety and security, starting with us building our own hardware and software. We frequently test the security of eero networks and even reach out to the security community to have them try and expose any holes for us to patch.

However, your safety and security online go beyond just your network. At anytime, our computers, phones, or any other device can be exposed to other online threats, including malware and unsafe content. eero Plus ensures that all the devices on your network remain protected and vigilant. This means both you and those on your network are safe from websites that may contain threats like malware, as well as protecting everyone in your home from offensive and inappropriate content.

For more on position on security, see these FAQs.

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