What do I do if Block Ads causes a website or app to stop working?

Our block list can sometimes cause a website or application to stop working as expected. You can check whether or not your issue is related to Block Ads by opening the eero App and selecting Discover > tap on eero Plus > scrolling down to Block Ads, then toggling Block Ads off. 


If this allows the website or application to work as expected, you have two options. First, you can add the domain to your Allow list. You can view more details on how to edit your Allow list here.

Alternatively, you can set Block Ads on a per Profile basis by opening the eero App and selecting Discover > tap on eero Plus > tap on Block for Network > select one or many of your existing profiles to apply Block Ads, allowing some devices full access to these sites while others have them restricted. More info on Profiles can be found here.

If disabling Block Ads doesn't allow the website or application to function normally after a few minutes, please contact us with information about the website or application you're having issues with so we can take a look!

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