How do I add more Ethernet ports?

Every eero has two Ethernet ports (note: eero Beacons have no Ethernet ports). On your gateway eero, one of these Ethernet ports are required to be used to connect to your modem. If you'd like to add additional Ethernet ports, you will need an Ethernet switch.

Most unmanaged Ethernet switches work with eero, so feel free to use any to your liking. With that said, ensure you select a switch that fits the requirements of your internet service speeds. If unsure, it is always safe to go with a gigabit switch, which can support speeds up to 1000 Mbps—otherwise 1Gb.

How do I add a switch to my network?

When adding an Ethernet switch, make sure it is placed after your eero in your network's topology. For most users, this means you will have a modem connected to your gateway eero, and then a switch connected to the other available port on your eero. For non-gateway eeros (secondary nodes), you can plug a switch into either port.

Can I connect my other eeros to a switch?

Yes, absolutely, but once again make sure that your Ethernet switch is connected directly to your eero and not your modem.

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