How do I sign up for Malwarebytes?

With eero Plus, it's easier than ever to make sure all your devices are protected against various online threats. On top of that, all members get access to Malwarebytes to protect up to 3 of their supported devices with a premium antivirus.


  • An eero WiFi system
  • The eero application
  • An eero Plus membership
  • A supported device to install Malwarebytes (Windows, Mac, and Android)

Below are the steps for signing up and activating Malwarebytes for eero Plus members. If you already have Malwarebytes, please follow the second set of instructions.

How to sign up at (new to Malwarebytes):

  • Navigate to in your favorite browser.
  • Login using your Phone #, email or your Amazon Account.
  • Click “Setup Malwarebytes”
  • Click “Create Account” 
  • Follow the steps provided by Malwarebytes


How to sign up in the eero App (new to Malwarebytes):

  • Open the eero app
  • Tap the Discover icon
  • Tap eero Plus
  • Tap on the Malwarebytes icon (right)
  • Tap on the Create free account
  • Follow the steps provided by Malwarebytes


How to sign up (already have Malwarebytes):

If you already have a Malwarebytes subscription, please contact Malwarebytes support and request that they cancel your existing account. From there, press the Create free account button to sign up again with eero Plus and receive your three (3) licenses.

Have questions or need assistance with Malwarebytes?

For all questions or issues regarding Malwarebytes, please contact the Malwarebytes support team.

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