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How to use

As part of your eero Plus subscription, you can access VPN protection, powered by Guardian, on your phone or tablet device if you are using the eero app with mobile version 6.32.0 or later (iOS) or 6.32.1 or later (Android). You can activate the VPN on the eero mobile app. 

  1. Navigate to the Discover tab, 
  2. Select eero Plus
  3. Select VPN, powered by Guardian
  4. Toggle on the VPN to enable VPN protection for the device. This requires acceptance of the Guardian terms of service and the operating system VPN permissions prompt

From this tab in the eero app, you are then able to connect and disconnect from the VPN server whenever is convenient for you.

For instructions on downloading and logging into Guardian for MacOS, please click here.


What is a VPN?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, which is a service that creates a secure, encrypted connection between your device and a secure server, helping you to browse the web privately and securely.

Do I get VPN protection on all of my personal devices?

eero Plus subscribers can use the Guardian VPN on up to five compatible devices. The VPN available in the eero mobile app is intended to protect the device that your eero app is installed on. To get VPN protection on other devices, you can install and sign in to the eero app on those devices. 

In some cases, the eero app may not be available for your operating system. In this case, the Guardian app should be used. To ensure your eero Plus subscription applies when you use the Guardian app, set up a Guardian account (please start from the  the email sent to you after you first enabled the VPN to ensure your accounts are reconciled). 

If you’re on a MacOS device, such as a Mac laptop or desktop, please finalize setup of your Guardian account, then download the macOS Guardian app and sign in using the same Guardian account.

If you’re on a Windows device, such as a Windows laptop or desktop, the Guardian VPN is not currently available. We are looking forward to providing this functionality in the coming year.


How many devices can I add VPN protection to?

Your eero Plus subscription comes with VPN protection for up to 5 devices. After you enable the VPN on a device, it will count toward the five device limit. Where you have logged into the eero app from different devices, and enabled the VPN on each one, each device separately counts toward your limit. [To be included upon Milestone A-2 launch : If one of your network admins chooses to enable the VPN from their instance of the eero app, this will count toward your 5 device limit.]

How do I remove the VPN from one of my 5 devices?

To revoke access to a device, please complete your Guardian account setup as the eero network owner and revoke device access from your Guardian account on guardianapp.com. Disconnecting the VPN in the eero app alone will not remove that device from your five device limit.

What if I already have VPN on 5 devices? How do I get the VPN on another device?

Please revoke access using the instructions above. After you have removed one of the existing 5 devices, you’ll be able to sign in to the eero app (or the Guardian app, using your completed Guardian account) to add another device. 


Who is Guardian?

We teamed up with Guardian to provide protection for your devices when you’re off your eero network. For more information about Guardian, please visit the Guardian website, here.


Where are these VPN servers located?

You can choose which server location you would like to be connected to using the dropdown menu on the VPN app. Unless you select a different location, we will automatically connect you to the server closest  to you.


When will you launch new locations?

We are always working with Guardian to assess the availability of servers. If you have a location that is not on the list, please send an email to support@eero.com.


Why does Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime etc. not work on VPN?

Many streaming services block VPNs to control the content catalog for each location due to copyright restrictions. If your video streaming service does not work on VPN, you will need to disconnect from the VPN server to watch it.


I don’t see the Guardian VPN in my app. What is happening? 

The new VPN powered by Guardian is available in iOS 6.32.0 and Android 6.32.1 and later. If you are on iOS or Android version 6.31.0 or earlier, you will need to upgrade to the latest version to access the new VPN.


Can I still use my Encrypt.me account if I have one?

Yes, if you have already enabled your Encrypt.me subscription as part of eero Plus, at this time, you will still have access to it. We will let you know if this changes.


Why can’t I disconnect from the VPN directly in my device’s iOS/Android settings?

A default setting for most VPNs is called “VPN on demand”, which lets devices automatically establish a VPN connection as you move from network to network or off-network. If your OS settings don’t permit disconnecting the VPN, you can still always disconnect by toggling the VPN off in the eero app.


What transport protocol do you use?

We currently support Wireguard and are adding IKEv2 to iOS in the coming months.


What do I get with eero Plus?

Feature Description
Advanced security Take your online security to the next level with active threat protection.

Content filtering Set advanced parental controls for designated devices based on pre-set age range or customize them based on categories.
Block / Allow Block or allow specific websites by network or device
Block Ads Speed up load times for ad-heavy sites
Activity insights Your network at a glance - historical network data usage, monitor network activity, and see how many threats eero is blocking.
Weekly activity report Weekly recap of network activity
VIP support Get access to priority support
1Password Save and share unique passwords to help safeguard your online accounts
VPN powered by Guardian Browse the web securely, and help keep your digital life safe from malicious actors and prying eyes

Malwarebytes Scan, clean, and protect your devices from viruses and  ransomware
DDNS Remote network access
Internet Backup Switch to your mobile hotspot for back-up internet during wifi outages


What if I already have a Guardian account?

Please contact eero CX to have your accounts reconciled.


Why is my Guardian app relaying an incorrect subscription expiration period?

Upon creation of your complimentary Guardian account or after login into your existing Guardian account as an eero Plus subscriber, the subscription expiration date shown in the web dashboard on https://guardianapp.com may be significantly out of sync compared to the subscription expiration date of your eero Plus subscription shown on https://eero.com or in the eero app. 
The expiration date showing on the web dashboard should automatically update to a later date as long as your eero Plus subscription is still valid.

For annual subscribers, the date will not sync with your eero Plus subscription.

For monthly subscribers, should the date ever show as expired when the eero Plus subscription is still valid, this can be resolved by opening the eero app which will refresh the date shown in the Guardian app. Please allow up to 12 hours for this change to reflect in the application.


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