Can my eero network have more than one administrator?


eero Multi-Admin

Now you can give other people admin access to your eero network—right from the eero app. With Multi-Admin, you can share the responsibility of setting parental controls with your partner or help set up a family member’s network from your own device. Multi-Admin makes it easy to add up to 10 people as admins on your network so they can manage its features and settings. Sharing admin access is ideal for roommates living in a shared household, helping relatives set up a network, or granting access to split owners of a shared vacation home.


Remember to only share admin access to your network with someone you know and trust.


Note: Network admins will be able to see your name, but cannot delete the network, remove eero devices, manage subscriptions or Amazon Connected Home, nor view/add/remove other admins. Admins will need to download the eero mobile app and create an eero account - please only invite admins who are of legal age to create an eero account.


What can an admin do? 

Admins can:

  • View all network features and details, including your name, network profiles, connected devices, and content filter analytics
  • Add eero devices and profiles to the network
  • Change the wifi name, the wifi password, and adjust content filters


Network admins can’t perform the following actions:

  • Network admins can’t view other admins, invite an admin, view pending invites, remove admins. 
  • Network admins cannot initiate ownership transfer.
  • Network admins can’t delete the network.
  • Network admins cannot link an Amazon account to the network via “Amazon Connected Home”, nor can they unlink.
  • Network admins have read only access for Amazon Connected Home and cannot turn on features like Frustration Free Setup or smart home hub.
  • Network admins cannot set up or disable Apple HomeKit.
  • Network admins can’t purchase eero Secure/+ for the network or manage the owner’s subscription billing


Do invites and QR codes expire? 

This is a one-time code, and will expire in 48 hours. Keep the code private from others and only share it with someone you intend to invite as an admin - anybody that scans the code will be invited to join your network as an admin. If someone scans the code, or you share an invite link with another person, closing the in-app modal or tapping “Generate a new code” doesn't invalidate the QR code invite you shared. You can cancel a pending invite from the Network Users screen or remove an admin after they have joined the network.

Using Multi-Admin Responsibly

Please ensure you are only inviting people you know and trust to join your network. We also recommend auditing your network’s admin permissions from time to time to ensure your permissions are still correct. eero also offers push notifications regarding admin permissions. These are optional - eero will prompt you to accept or reject push notifications related to invites the first time you send an invitation. This is an additional security enhancement, to stay informed when someone accepts an invitation and joins your network as an admin. You can change your push notification settings any time within the Notifications section in Settings.


Can I remove my ISP from my network?

For ISP managed networks, your ISP will appear under Network Users, but cannot be removed via the mobile app. ISP organizations have greater permissions than admins, as noted in our Privacy Notice. Please contact if you need to request disassociation from your ISP.

How do I add an admin to my network?

  1. Head to Settings in your eero app and tap on Network users.
  2. Tap Invite an admin.
  3. Tap Invite admin.
  4. Ask the admin to scan the QR code. Or tap Share invite link to email, text, or message the invite link to someone.
  5. If you share the invite via email, text, or messaging you can set a nickname for that person.
  6. (Additional) Tap Network users in your settings to see who you’ve granted Admin access to.


Easily transfer network ownership 

Moving and want to transfer account ownership to a roommate? With eero Multi-Admin, you can generate a simple QR code that does just that.


The owner of a network has total access and control of the network and all of its settings. The owner is the only member of the network that is able to view, add, and remove network admins.


Note: Ownership transfer is unavailable if your network is managed by your Internet Service Provider or a professional network installation business.


How to transfer network ownership?

  1. Head to Settings in your eero app and tap on Transfer network.
  2. Read and confirm the transfer.
  3. Ask the new owner of the eero network to scan the QR code.
  4. (Optional) Need to cancel mid-transfer? Go back to the previous screen and tap Cancel network transfer.



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