How do I add or remove eeros from my network?

You can add as many eeros and eero Beacons as you need to your network. With eeros (1st generation, eero Pro and eeros), you can have them join your network wirelessly or over an Ethernet connection. eero Beacons will always join your network wirelessly.

To add eeros to your existing network:

From the eero app dashboard:

  1. Tap the eero button (the one displaying the number of eeros on your network).
  2. Tap the Add an eero option at the bottom the list
  3. Follow the steps provided to add the eero to your network.


To remove an eero, simply tap on one of the active eeros displayed in your app (note: if you have more than six, tap the button displaying the number of eeros on your network to view the entire list). This will take you to a screen where you can choose to “remove eero” at the bottom. Keep in mind that removing your main eero will also delete your entire eero network. Removing other eeros may reduce your coverage and cause connectivity issues.


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