How should I set up my eeros if my network requires a static IP?

Configuring your IP address

An IP address is a number assigned to a particular device so other computers or devices can locate it. Similar to your home address, which enables your friends, family, and the mailman to find you in the real world, your external IP address enables your devices to find—and be found by—other devices on the Internet. 

Most of the time external IP addresses are automatically assigned by Internet service providers (ISPs), so customers setting up their eero devices don’t have to worry about them. Some ISPs, however, require unique static IP settings to set up a network. If you’re unsure whether or not your network requires static IP Internet configuration, please check with your Internet service provider for details.


Other ISP configuration settings: 

  • VLAN tagging 
  • PPPoE 

Static IP

Setting up eero gateway with static IP: 

  1. Begin eero gateway setup in the eero app 
  2. Allow the eero app to first try and connect to the Internet
  3. If necessary, make any changes to your ISP Settings 

Switching to or editing a static IP on an existing network: 

  1. Open the eero app 
  2. Select the Settings tab > Network Settings
  3. Tap ISP settings > WAN type
  4. Choose Static IP 
  5. Make any changes, then tap Save

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