How do I identify the devices on my network and assign nicknames?

How do I differentiate between the devices on my connected device list?

When viewing your connected device list, some devices may seem unfamiliar. This is because different manufacturers report device information differently. If you come across a device in your list that you don’t recognize, first try seeing if you recognize its manufacturer.

If all else fails, you can look up your connected device’s IP or MAC address and compare it to the device addresses listed in the eero app. This information can usually be found in the Wi-Fi or network settings of your client device.  

If you’re still having trouble differentiating between devices on your connected device list, contact support and we can work together to figure things out!

Why doesn’t my device manufacturer look familiar?

Most devices carry a device ID that correlates to that specific device. However, some devices contain wireless/Ethernet chipsets made by third party companies. For example, many PC and Android devices include wireless chipsets made by third parties.

The device manufacturer information displayed in the eero app reflects the devices wireless/Ethernet chipset manufacturer. We recommend creating nicknames for your devices so you can easily identify each one.

Can I give my devices nicknames?

Yes! We encourage you to assign nicknames to your devices. Nicknames make it much easier to identify the various devices on your network.

How do I give my devices nicknames?

To assign or edit device nicknames:

  1. Open the eero app and navigate to the My network screen
  2. Tap Number of devices currently on network on the dashboard
  3. Tap the device you would like to add or edit the nickname for
  4. Tap Nickname on the top of the screen and type out the nickname of your choice
  5. Tap Save on the top right corner

Why does one device appear in my device list more than once?

Some devices have two wireless cards. As a result, there is a chance that certain devices will appear in your connected device list multiple times when connected over both WiFi and Ethernet.

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