How do I manage the eero LED light?

If you’d like to turn off the LED light on your eero, you can do so either through the eero application or through the Amazon Alexa skillset.

  • Open the eero App
  • Tap on the Home tab
  • Tap on the Online bubble at the top to reveal the active eeros on the network. (Note that if your eeros are offline or partially offline, this bubble may change)
  • Tap on the eero that you’d like to edit settings for
  • Tap on the Status Light option
  • Toggle the Status to the desired setting, then hit the back arrow to save

If you’d like to manage the LED using Alexa, first make sure you have added the eero skillset. After doing so and connecting your eero account to Alexa, kindly say to Alexa “Alexa, ask eero to turn on the LED” or “Alexa, ask eero to turn off the LED.” For more instructions on getting started with Alexa skills, visit here.

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