What is Thread?

Thread is a networking protocol designed for supporting low-powered devices. This includes smart locks, doorbells, fans, and thermostats. eero Pro 6E, eero 6+, eero Pro 6, and eero 6, eero PoE 6, eero Pro (Wi-Fi 5), and eero Beacon (Wi-Fi 5) all support Thread border routing and are Thread 1.3.0 compliant. The Wi-Fi 5 eero and first generation eero do not support Thread. 

What are the benefits of Thread?

Thread is a networking protocol designed for low-powered devices—like smart locks, doorbells, fans, and thermostats. eero Pro, eero Beacon, eero Pro 6, eero 6, eero PoE 6 and eero PoE gateway all support Thread.

Thread creates its own encrypted mesh network for Thread-capable devices. Each Thread-capable eero then acts as a border router, providing connectivity between the Thread mesh network and your other wifi/ethernet devices. eero, and other always-on devices like lights and smart plugs, will also act as a Thread router (a Thread device that forwards traffic for other devices and extends the overall coverage area of your Thread network). 

Where can I find Thread devices?

Thread is a supported network technology for the new Connectivity Standards Alliance Matter specification, and used by some Apple HomeKit devices. All Thread devices should be interoperable with eero’s border router. Certain device makers integrate with eero through account linking, described here.

Can I use Thread and Alexa Zigbee Smart Home Hub at the same time?

Yes. The Alexa Zigbee Smart Home Hub feature in eero Pro 6 and eero 6 can be used simultaneously with Thread. eero Pro and eero Beacon do not support Zigbee at this time.  


Mobile Credential Sharing

Apple iOS and Google Android provide features to make sharing of Thread network credentials between apps more  seamless. When syncing is enabled, the eero mobile app will store Thread credentials in the applicable credential keychain. This means they are both stored locally on your device, and sent to the Apple/Google cloud if you are logged into your iCloud/Google Play account. Stored credentials will be synchronized across other iOS/Android devices logged in with the same iCloud/Google Play account (respectively), so you can save time if your credentials change knowing your Thread devices can still communicate with each other. Third-party apps can also access (read) these credentials from the keychain, but Apple and Google currently require you to affirmatively consent to this access each time. 

Keychain syncing is enabled by default in the eero app.

Disabling Mobile Credential Sharing and Regenerating Thread Credentials

Customers can disable syncing in the eero app Thread settings area (Settings>Network Settings>Thread). This will cause eero to no longer write new Thread credentials to the mobile operating system. This action does not delete credentials from the keychain. 

You may also want to regenerate your eero Thread credentials if you want to ensure your new Thread network credentials are not usable by other apps. Regenerating your Thread credentials creates a new Thread network and Thread credentials. Your eero will leave your current Thread network as the border router and join the new network instead. In most cases, you may experience downtime and need to re-set up all Thread products on the new network. 

Due to the fully distributed nature of Thread mesh networks, the prior Thread network will still be maintained. While eero devices in your network will no longer use the original network credentials, other devices that have joined the previous network may continue to use the old network details or obtain them from the keychain, and may still be able to connect to the internet if you have a secondary Thread border router on your old network. To fully migrate to the new Thread network, you will need to reset any third-party devices and reconfigure onto the new eero Thread network (as shown in the eero app) after regeneration. 

To fully delete previously stored credentials from a keychain, you will need to delete them directly through Apple and/or Google settings. For iOS, customers must fully delete all homes from the Apple Home app. For Android, Google Play Services must be reset in the Settings>Apps>Play Services menu area by “deleting storage” and “clearing cache” (see here). 

For additional information on the Apple iOS and Google Play Services mobile APIs, developer documentation can be found here and here (respectively). 

You can also regenerate credentials by selecting the ellipsis at the top of the Thread settings screen (Settings>Network Settings>Thread).


Why don’t I see this feature on my eero FireOS app?

Mobile credential sharing via Google Play Services APIs requires the Google Play Services framework, which is not included on FireOS based devices.

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